Thursday, September 29, 2011

What Are You Eating, and Why?

What Are You Eating, and Why?
Sarah Reid, RHNC
Think about the last 24 hours. How often was what you put into your body the result of stress, frustration, guilt, loneliness, peer pressure or just even simple boredom?
Most of society lives most of their lives in a world of reasons to feel bad about themselves. Magazines, television and movies, even radio stations provide a wealth of examples as to how you don’t measure up to your idols. Could you be thinner? Taller? Blonder? Richer? More athletic? More stylish? Probably. The cosmetic and clothing industries rely on that insecurity. Likewise, the whole food industry (not just the weight loss world) has also evolved into a guilt-mediated business.
Often considered to be a “women’s” issue, emotional (including loneliness and peer pressure) or boredom-facilitated eating affects both sexes and is often a viciously cyclic behaviour spurred on by self-dissatisfaction. Emotional eaters who do not accept themselves for who they are and turn to food for comfort continue to gain weight (especially fat mass), further eroding their self-esteem and drive to bother making a lifestyle change at all.
There is so much mention of what everyone’s “perfect” eating pattern should be like that too often we become ashamed of what our own “normal” is. The truth is, nobody is 100% perfect 100% of the time. There is no “perfect” diet. There are as many different patterns of healthy eating out there as there are healthy people. The key is to recognize and acknowledge your own unique eating patterns and pitfalls and blend them with time-honoured nutrition advice to develop a personal plan for attaining your optimal mind, body and spirit.
Now that you are aware of your old shopping, cooking and dining activities, are you ready to continue the healthiest part of your life? You’ve already started the journey – my colleagues and I can help guide you the rest of the way.
Plan and enjoy occasional indulgences!

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