Sunday, August 2, 2015

A New Snacktime Staple - Qi'a Superfood Snack Bars from @NaturesPathOrganic #OnMyPath

Press release via Justine Sanford, Marketing Communications Specialist at Nature's Path Foods

Now, does this sound familiar? You’re on-the-go, practically STARVING, and surrounded with nothing but unhealthy snack options. It’s the worst! And it never needs to happen again.

With delicious organic superfoods, including dark chocolate, dried fruit, nuts, chia, hemp, and coconut, these Nature’s Path Qi’a Superfood Snack Bars are packed with all the plant-based nutrition you need to fuel your active lifestyle.

Arguably the healthiest, tastiest, vegan snack on the market, every bar offers up to 6 grams of protein and 6 grams of fibre. Plus, they are lower sugar than most energy bars! Better yet, they’re nutrition-approved by celebrity dietitian Desiree Nielsen, R.D. and are brought to you by Nature’s Path, the leading organic breakfast and snack food brand in North America. 

Qi'a Superfood Snack Bar Flavours (with my notes in parentheses) include: 

Superfood Q&A with media nutrition expert Desiree Nielsen, R.D.

1.       “Superfood” is super-hot right now. What does “superfood” mean to you?
All plant foods are super! To me, the word ‘superfood’ describes a plant food that exhibits incredible nutrient-density, meaning that it contains a higher concentration of nutrients than you might expect given its serving size. This might be the off-the-charts zinc content of pumpkin seeds or the fantastic protein content of hemp seeds. The key nutrients that make a food truly super are usually associated with exceptional health benefits, such as the ability of omega 3 fatty acids in chia and hemp seeds to fight chronic inflammation.

2. What are some superfoods to look out for at the grocery store?
We dont give seeds enough credit! Adding chia or hemp seeds to your diet is so easy and boosts your omega 3 and mineral intake. Dark chocolate is probably the only dessert that gets
superfood status - always look for at least 70% cocoa solids.

3. What makes these foods super? And wait – did you say DARK CHOCOLATE?
Polyphenols in cocoa are thought to help fight inflammation, support better skin, and
promote heart health. Choosing at least 70% cocoa ensures you are getting more of these beneficial polyphenols. The healthy fats and soluble fibre of chia seeds helps slow the rate at which nutrients are absorbed into the blood stream, ensuring better blood sugar levels and more stable appetite. The protein and minerals in hemp seeds support muscle repair and immunity.

Remember, foods are gradual, incremental medicine; there is no such thing as overnight (or single meal) cures! Eating a healthy, plant-centred diet filled with super foods helps ensure a healthier, more energetic you over time.

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