Monday, November 23, 2015

Why Learn How to Cook?

Why Learn How to Cook?

“Why should I learn how to cook?  After all, I have parents on hand to do it for me!”

There are six BIG reasons to get in the kitchen and learn to cook for yourself:

#1 Independence
What happens when you’re hungry and Mom and Dad are busy? If you have to rely on frozen pizza pockets, TV dinners, instant noodles and cold cereal every day, it doesn’t feel very “grown up”, does it? Once high school starts, you might need to make your own meals (especially breakfasts and lunches) and help with dinnertime responsibilities. In college, you might not be living at home at all, so learning at least a few “go-to” meals is important!
#2 Saving Money
While all those tacos, sub sandwiches and drive through burgers seem like a great deal (they are on the “value” menu after all!), the costs add up – it’s a lot less expensive (and tastier) to make meals at home, not to mention you really can get what you want without a hassle!

#3 Fun and Social Time

Cooking is tons of fun, especially when you get in the kitchen with friends! How cool would it be to host your own pizza party, where everyone helps make the dough, prepare the toppings and share the final result? Highschoolers can even surprise their parents with a homemade dinner when they get home from work – sure to earn you some “brownie points”!

#4 Sense of Achievement
Not only is cooking great fun, the feeling that you’ve been able to make something yourself that people can share and enjoy is awesome. Not only do you get to pat yourself on the back, but you just might be complimented on your skills as everyone appreciates a homemade meal or treat!

#5 Experience New Tastes
Are you tired of being given the “kids menu” at a restaurant because the staff think “you won’t like” the regular menu? When you start cooking for yourself, you get to choose foods you want to try – and you might discover that the Chicken Cordon Bleu or Spaghetti Bolognese really does beat out the dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets and macaroni and cheese listed on the colouring-sheet menu!

#6 Nutrition
One of the biggest benefits of learning to cook is the opportunity to make yourself healthier. When you get into the kitchen and start using fresh, real ingredients to make delicious dishes, it’s easier to see what foods are nutritious (and not so nutritious), control the amounts of salt, fat and sugar you use, serve proper portions of things (no more platters of French fries!) and explore different cooking methods and how food works with them.

Who knew there was so many awesome things about cooking? Let’s open the fridge, open your mind and start exploring!

Need a recipe to start you off? Try my Pumpkin - Flax Pancakes- they're delicious!

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