Monday, January 25, 2016

Don't be an Ostrich When Indulging!

Are you the kind of person who willingly avoids the Nutrition Facts panel when buying snacks or dining out? The results of two Harris Interactive surveys taken in the United Kingdom showed that only 11% of people read labels for candy, chocolate and sweets, 54% for baked items (like cookies and cakes), and 52% for pizza. However, when it comes to foods perceived as healthier, like cereal, 70% of women and 63% of men will look at the label. 

With all the labeling laws and propaganda out there pushing people to pay attention to the little black and white boxes, it's still a miracle that many people still ignore the numbers beyond calories and fat. Added sugars and sodium in many "healthy" product lines (I'm looking at you, low-fat and diet meals) are still a lot higher than they need to be, and little to no education on serving sizes and proper portion control is stressed in schools or medical communities.
There's nothing wrong with the occasional treat - in fact, I often encourage people to give themselves one indulgence a day (in moderation), whether it's a square of high-quality chocolate, a tablespoon of peanut butter licked off the spoon (guilty!) or a glass of wine with dinner. Eating properly - balanced meals and proper portions - 80-90% of the time means that those forays into decadence are just another part of your dietary lifestyle... and who wants to live on celery and brown rice alone? Responsible and healthy eating, though, means reading the Nutrition Facts panel and the ingredient lists. If something seems off or you can't understand more than 50% of the label, skip it - that includes trans and saturated fats and gargantuan serving sizes. 

Whatever you eat, moderate, savour, taste, and enjoy!

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