Saturday, February 6, 2016

7 Salty Myths... BUSTED!

Did you know that heart disease and stroke take one life every 7 minutes? Hypertension is a leading risk factor - over six million adult Canadians have high blood pressure, which is not only the leading risk for death in the world, but the number one risk factor for stroke. "Pre-hypertension"(where blood pressure is above normal but not high enough to be classified as "high") affects another 20% of Canadian adults.

High intakes of sodium in the diet (usually from processed foods) are a leading cause of high blood pressure - and since only 11% of our high intake (3,400 mg vs. the recommended 2,300 mg daily) is added during cooking or at the table watching your intake can be trickier than avoiding the shaker of white stuff. Check out the "salty myths" below to see what I mean!

Heart Month is the Heart and Stroke Foundation's key opportunity to reach millions of Canadians in February and alert them to the risks of heart disease and stroke.

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