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Now you can grab all my tasty, nutritious recipes to make in your own home! Whether e-copy, CD or printed, health has never been this delicious. Links will become live as the books are released.

Hungry for Health: Practical Recipes for Everyday Wellness (sample recipe)
Kids Can Cook: Simple, Healthy Foods to Prepare Together (sample recipe)
NEW-trition for Family & Friends (Cooking for a Crowd) (sample recipe)
Outside the Box: Baking and Treats (sample recipe)
Dining, Not Dying: Gluten Free, Vegan Recipes for Life (sample recipe)

And NEW - Mini E-books:
Healthy Easter Eating ($1.25 USD)
Resetting Yourself ($5 USD)

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I started my "working life" as a holistic and allopathic nutritional consultant with a love of cooking. Teaching the value of wholesome meal choices to families became close to my heart after I battled a long history of struggles with weight and health, and the passion for teaching led me into where I am now. My blog, which focuses on "bringing good taste to healthier food" through creative use of whole grains, fresh produce and acknowledging the importance of the occasional treat, also features a wealth of "specialty diet" friendly recipes for gluten-, egg-, dairy- and sugar- tree nut-free items that everyone can enjoy without alienating those who need them.

Overall, I want to bring back the desire for good quality, homemade, (mostly) healthy food into the hearts and kitchens of families so that the next generation will be less box-reliant than mine. I firmly believe that any “homemade” food, even when labelled as "naughty", is a more wholesome treat than pre-packaged, cookie-cutter junk. With the knowledge of good food (and how to cook good food) as a base, a healthy lifestyle can follow, and then anything is possible!